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Vol: 11, Issue: 4 2021

Crisis Management in The Directorate of Human Resources Management of The Iraqi Ministry of Interior

Aziz Saeed Dafar, Prof. Dr. Salma Hatyta Raheemah

The aim of the current research is to test the relationship of organizational socialization influence as an influential variable in Organizational Virtuousness as an affected variable, through spiritual capital as an intermediate variable in the headquarters of the General Military Industries Company in all its departments and divisions , In view of the importance of the three variables to society, the company and its members, and based on the role that the variables (organizational socialization and spiritual capital) represent in raising the level of organizational Virtuousness of the company, and on the importance of the subject of research in public sector organizations, and its influential role in society , The researcher adopted the analytical descriptive method based on the survey of the sample's views in completing the research, by collecting data from the 119 research samples, based on the 48-paragraph resolution as the main tool for collecting data, and based on (Excel 2010, AMOS v.25, SPSS v.25) as well as the use of descriptive statistical methods ,The research concluded that the most prominent conclusion reached is the existence of organizational socialization influence in organizational Virtuousness, directly, indirectly through the intermediate variable, spiritual capital, and through partial mediation.

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