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Vol: 11, Issue: 4 2021

The Characteristics of the Tour Guide and its Impact on the Loyalty of the Guest to the Tourist Organization

Ali Ragheb Karim, Asst. Prof. Dr. Amaal Kamal Hassan Al-Barzanji

The study aims to determine the level of the tourist guide in achieving the loyalty of the tourist organization of the properties of the guide (in the loyalty and behavior of the logical) and to achieve the objective of the study has developed its own methodology and the development of a mandatory charter expresses the nature of the relationship between the variables of the study and a group of hypotheses and subsidiaries were presented as a preliminary answers to verify their health. Here, the importance of the study has emerged with the growing interest in the tourist service providers as the subject of the clock and the closing of the tourist service of the guest, and highly attacked the guidance of the tour guide to a direct impact on the achievement of the requirements of the loyalty process directly, and to implement this study field and achieve the goal of travel and tourism companies were chosen as a narcotic tube and testing as a data collection tool. The sample (120) of the company's companies was a motivated sport. The (SPSS) has been used to analyze and address data and information as well as a number of statistical methods.

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