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Vol: 11, Issue: 3 2021

Page: 218-234

Mindfulness and its Impact on Improving the Strategic Response: Exploratory Research for the Opinions of a Sample of Public Universities in the City of Baghdad

Maryam Fakher Al.Deen Mahmood, Prof.Dr. Ali Hasson Al-Tae

The current research aims to test the relationship between mindfulness as an independent variable in the strategic response as a dependent variable, as well as diagnosing the level of university interest in research variables and their dimensions, and based on the novelty of the variables and their urgent importance for universities and their staff on the one hand, and society on the other hand, and an orientation to serve the objectives of the research adopted the descriptive approach The exploratory purpose for that purpose, as the application of the current research included four universities (University of Baghdad, AlMustansiriya University, Al-Nahrain University, Iraqi University). , Associate Dean, Head of Department) exclusively and comprehensively, and the main research tool (the questionnaire) was distributed to them to survey their opinions about the availability of the variables investigated in order to identify the relationships targeted by the research, so they recovered (142) of them, and when they were unloaded, the valid ones were for statistical analysis (135). The questionnaire was supplemented with data, observations and limited interviews, while the research used statistical programs (AMOS V.25- SPSS V.26) to analyze the primary data, with the adoption of statistical methods. Descriptive and inferential represented in (normal distribution test, exploratory factor analysis, confirmatory factor analysis, validity and reliability test, arithmetic mean, standard deviation, relative difference coefficient, relative importance, Pearson correlation coefficient, multiple linear regression coefficient, ANOVA test) to test the main research hypothesis emanating from the main questions, and the statistical analysis showed a number of results, the most prominent of which was the absence of differences in the sample answers according to the university or according to the type of college on the presence of an effect of mindfulness in the strategic response, especially through organizational vigilance and interactive vigilance, with no investment in other dimensions.

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