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Vol: 10, Issue: 4 2020

Page: 01-29

The Role of Organizational Silence to Enhance the Impact of Attacking Employee Behavior on the Quality of Work Life: An Exploratory Study of a Sample of the Ministry of Health and Environment Employees

Habeeb Mraweh Naser Al-Yasiri, Ahmed Ghazi Mahdi Al-Yasiri

This study examined the effect of employee attack behavior on the quality of work life through an exploratory study of a group of Ministry of Health and Environment employees. This study aims to the extent of the impact of offensive behavior on the employee on the quality of work life and is represented by compensation and working conditions and the development of human capabilities and social integration. The role played by organizational silence in promoting this relationship, as the research attempted to provide a comprehensive theoretical framework for the most important presented by the book and researchers about the research variables, data was collected using a questionnaire-based survey consisting of 30 questions and was distributed to 123 employees from the Ministry of Health and Environment in the city of Baghdad. The research attempts to answer a set of questions. The body of the research problem (is there a correlation and effect between the dimensions of employee attacking behavior and the quality of work life, and between organizational silence and the quality of work life), in order to analyze the data obtained from the questionnaires, quantitative methods such as the medium were used Arithmetic, standard deviation, coefficient of variation, simple correlation coefficient, and structured equation modeling. The results showed that there were significant correlation relationships between employee incantation behavior, the negative behavior that the. Finally, reducing employee attacking behavior through a combination of methods, including continuous development, self-abilities, and continuing education.

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