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Vol: 9, Issue: 2 2019

Page: 39-44

Green Economy Stabilizer with E-Commerce Redesigning: Mining Commerce Stream

Sritha Zith Dey Babu, Digvijay Pandey, Ismail Sheik

At present, electronic commerce is a fusion of technology with the usage of smart and iconic digital systems. Sellers and buyers always in a race here to gain each one profit. Here, the main and uttermost thing is that it’s a pure business site. Because sustainable business can include its majesty with the art of e-commerce. To establish an era of green economy we are now targeting the selling and buying methodology of various sectors. If, we want to create the era of green economy, its very tough to analyze data and the future of economical growth by the sight of manual data integration. But, here is the main strength of e-commerce is that we can apply here so many algorithms and predictor systems by which we can get the output as our recommendation. E-commerce is the only thing which one can manipulate the CRM, HRM, ERP modules, C2C behavior along with one click of customers. The goal and aim of this paper to create pure economical strength in a country like Bangladesh. This paper is going to evaluate and optimizing everything with the form of home science and business management. Because we hardly believe that pure value can be evaluated only if we consider the roots of any business problem and its an overview per thought about the green economy can be established by dint of electronic commerce. The current paper is to show the base and strategy of e-commerce for which many startup companies are gaining benefits. This one will motivate others to become an entrepreneur for emitting the village of green economy.

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