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Vol: 7, Issue: 3 2017

Page: 34-44

Defects in Agricultural Marketing in India

Yashodeep Yadav

India is basically an agrarian society and from the very starting of the civilization in this area the economy of this country has been dependent on agriculture. In ancient times when surplus produce was at the disposal the farmer used to exchange their produce with others and is termed as barter. But they have to face certain problems in barter such as one has to find out the potential customer who requires the produce and is willing to exchange it. As time passed this problem started diminishing with the inducement of currency and gradually the scenario changed with the changing times and agriculture produce began being sold with an element of commercial value. The marketing as a term is broader than traditional trading. And agricultural marketing as a concept is still evolving in the Indian agrarian society. Agricultural marketing system is an efficient way by which the farmers can dispose their surplus produce at a fair and reasonable price. Improvement in the condition of farmers and their agriculture depends to a large extent on the elaborate arrangements of agricultural marketing. The term agricultural marketing include all those activities which are mostly related to the procurement, grading, storing, transporting and selling of the agricultural produce. Thus Prof. Faruque has rightly observed: “Agricultural marketing comprises all operations involved in the movement of farm produce from the producer to the ultimate consumer. Thus, agricultural marketing includes the operations like collecting, grading, processing, preserving, transportation and financing.” You cannot miss best UK rolex replica watches with Swiss movements! Place an order online quickly!
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The scenario today shows that the conditions of the farmers in India has degraded very fast from 2013. They are not getting the right amount of their agricultural produce. NDTV research shows that a farmer in India was forced to sale his potatoes for nine paisa per kg. The production of crops in almost all segments if higher than expected which shows nothing is wrong with the productivity parameters. Problems or defects lies somewhere in marketing and policy of the government too. The MSP decided by the government assisted by CACP , is not fulfilling the requirement of the farmers . Only 6 percent of the Indian farmers are able to sell their produce on MSP.

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