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Vol: 6, Issue: 4 2016

Page: 01-04

Make in India Restructuring Indian Economy by Contrasting Model of Outsourcing With Respect to Reverse Outsourcing

Naman Sehgal

In a world full of growing complexities and simplicities, the factors of economies keep moving back and forth like ripples in a pond. Call it a specialization of labor & resources or cost-effectiveness; outsourcing may have been known by many vernacular nomenclatures, but it is certainly not a novel concept. Right from the days of barter to the modern electronic commerce, outsourcing, and its mirror image reverseoutsourcing have come a long way to the 21st century. After the LPG wave of The nineties, India has been creating the noticeable impact on the global economy. No matter how small or how big, the possibilities are gaining its momentum in transforming the Indian business globally. The Make in India initiative is a grand manifestation of a vision making the whole world eyeing for Indian markets. This paper is a subtle attempt to study the philosophical impact of both sides of the mirror in reference to outsourcing and reverse outsourcing, along with a pulse on its past, present and future possibilities in specific reference to ‘Make-In-India’ initiative on the Indian economy.

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