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Vol: 6, Issue: 3 2016

Page: 59-66

Enhancement of Expertise Amongst the Disabled Individuals

Radhika Kapur

Every individual irrespective of the category or status that he belongs to aims at acquiring education, training, employment opportunities and the development of his skills and expertise; this research paper has the main purpose of focusing upon the enhancement of expertise amongst the people with disabilities. Individuals suffering from disabilities encounter number of obstacles and impediments during the course of their development and acquisition of education and training but if they possess the strong determination and will power then they will be able to achieve their desired goals and objectives. Emphasis has been laid upon the problems and difficulties faced by the persons with disabilities in rural areas, in rural areas the system of education and training is not completely developed, therefore, children and people with disabilities are not able to attend educational institutions and centers. On the other hand, in urban areas, in well developed educational institutions and training centers there have been provisions of assistive devices that aim at facilitating the conditions of the people with disabilities. When looking at the enhancement of expertise amongst the disabled individuals, it is important to focus upon aspects such as information regarding disability, analysis of different types of disabilities and their access to education and employment, significance of talents and creativity, national policy on skill development, involvement of disabled people in rural programs and assistance and accommodation for skill development of persons with disabilities. In order to enhance their expertise and proficiency, attainment of educational qualifications and then making an entry in the area of employment; an individual is required to be strong-minded, determined, possess the required education, skills and training and adequately focus upon the achievement of his targets and objectives.

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