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Vol: 4, Issue: 3 2014

Page: 14-25

Impact of Billboards Advertisements on Consumers' Beliefs: A Study

Anil Kumar

The purpose of this study was to determine the influence ratio of billboard advertisements on survey participants (consumers) who are living in Jhajjar & Rohtak cities (Haryana) and to measure the effects on participants' purchasing behavior. The research also attempted to specify the different characteristics of billboard advertisements in comparison to other advertising instruments. The other research aims are to designate the status of billboard advertisements among the advertisement instruments which are thought to have an effect on the purchasing behavior of consumers and to determine the effects and dimensions of billboard advertisements. A face-to-face interview survey is conducted on 150 people who live in Jhajjar & Rohtak cities and who are selected with random sampling. Data were analyzed by using Multivariate Factor analysis. SPSS 17.0 for Windows was employed for the scale measurement. The result of the analysis shows that people generally have positive opinions about advertisements. They think that billboard advertisements have more effective visual impact. Respondents also stated that billboard advertisements contribute to the cityscape in terms of variety and beauty, and they do not pollute the environment. However, awareness of billboard advertisement amongst some people is relatively low. The results of the study indicate that billboard advertisements which create different ideas, which are effective in informing and persuading people and which are sensitive to the environment can be viewed positively by consumers. In particular, amongst consumers with higher educational and income levels, billboard advertisements are becoming striking and their visibility is increasing.

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