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Vol: 5, Issue: 3 2015

Page: 44-56

User Perspective Region Specific Market Analysis for Customer Relation Management Using Multi Mode Networks

K.K. Karthikeyan, C.S. Ramani Gopal, G. Palaniappan

The growing product orient market introduce more challenges for the market analysis people to come up with more strategic ideas about the current market. The purchase habits of peoples are changing according to various factors like geographic region, life style, social environment, personal income, age and the social groups they belongs. The business organization has the responsibility to maintain the morality of the users and have to knew about their interest changes. Earlier the customer relationship has been maintained through set of tools like their mode of purchase habits and the frequent patterns generated using data mining concepts. Those systems are not suitable for modern world where the peoples are grouped in variety of ways like social networks and they communicate and share their day to day activities and their purchases and even a single routine of their life with their friends in the groups. But still the organizations has the responsibility to maintain their relationship with their customers and they have to track their interest changes. For example the peoples living in eastern countries has different interest of fabrics and costume they wear which is different than the people living in asian countries. This phenomenon is more suitable inside the country also, like change of interest between states. To solve this problem, we propose a user perspective region specific market analysis approach using multi mode networks for customer relation management. In this approach the peoples are clustered according to various factors based on the region where they live and based on clustered results the users interest is identified and the group user interest also identified. Based on identified groups and their interest, the proposed approach recommends set of upcoming product information to them. The proposed approach also enables the organizations to find out the market strategy of products and support the organizations to take market solutions in business intelligence.

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