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Vol: 13, Issue: 3 2023

Page: 045-056

The Relationship Between Human Capital Behaviors and Health Practice Ethics: An Exploratory Study

Saba Talib Wahab

The purpose of this research is to shed light on the nature of the correlation between human capital behaviors and the ethics of practicing health professions. The problem of the field research was to answer a basic question: Does the director in Iraqi hospitals realize how to employ the relationship between the behaviors of human capital and the ethics of practicing health professions in enhancing the health services provided? Based on this problem and objectives, and to clarify the relationship between the main research variables, a basic hypothesis was formulated, from which (3) sub-hypotheses branched out. The questionnaire was adopted as a tool for collecting data and information related to the research, as it was prepared based on several ready-made scales and using the five-point Likert scale, and it was subjected to validity and reliability standards. It was distributed to a sample of (232) doctors in (6) private hospitals in Baghdad. To analyze the research data, the ready-made statistical program (SPSS) was used. Among the most important statistical tools used in the analysis are: (the recurrence percentage, the arithmetic mean, the standard deviation, the coefficient of variation, and Spearman's correlation coefficient). The statistical methods produced several results, perhaps the most prominent of which is the existence of a significant correlation between the behavior of human capital and the ethics of practicing health professions.

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