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Vol: 13, Issue: 3 2023

Page: 028-044

The Impact of Participatory Leadership in Developing the Quality of Career for Human Resources: Exploratory Study of a Sample of Tourism Education Institutions in Iraq

Dr. Nawfal Abdul Ridh Alwan, Ihsan Dawood Salman

The importance of the study lies in the fact that it will help those in charge of the researched community in promoting the concept of participatory leadership and motivating and investing energies that aim to increase the ability to compete among human resources to raise the level of quality of job services. participatory leadership in it, and exploring the obstacles to its application and trying to address these obstacles. relationship and influence between variables; Several main and sub-hypotheses were developed, and in order to achieve the main objective of the study, answer the questions and test the validity of the hypotheses, the descriptive analytical approach was adopted as a scientific methodology, and the research was adopted in collecting data on the basis of (questionnaire), and a set of statistical measures and methods were used, and it was concluded The researcher referred to the most important scientific results, and they affect the dimensions of participatory leadership combined on the quality of working life in a significant way, as the dimensions(participatory leadership combined) were able to explain (49.8%) of the changes that occur in the quality of working life. The researcher also reached a set of recommendations that were The most important of which is that tourism education institutions should maintain the participation of teachers in decision-making, by showing more care to identify the problems and opinions presented by them and the solutions before making decisions, in a way that ensures that decisions are taken in the light of a clear vision, which is developed in consultation with them.

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