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Vol: 13, Issue: 1 2023

Page: 044-060

Maximizing the Value of the Origin Through Cash Management According to Baumel's Model to Face the Corona Pandemic: An Analytical Study of a Sample of the Industrial Sector Companies Listed on the Iraqi Stock Exchange

Dr. Haider Nasser

The study aims to measure the impact of cash management on maximizing the company's value by using Baumel's model in the face of the Corona pandemic, and 4 companies listed on the Iraq Stock Exchange were selected as a sample of the study, and the study was based on five Time series for the year (2016-2020). The researcher used the analytical method in interpreting the results, a number of statistical methods and methods were used to analyze the study variables and test hypotheses. And through the outputs of statistical programs approved in this field (SPSS). After analyzing the data and hypotheses of the study. A number of conclusions were reached, most notably the existence of an important impact of cash management in maximizing the value of the company through the use of Baumel's model. In particular, short-term bank financing (financing through short-term bank loans), as it has a low cost compared to other types of financing, which will therefore lead to a reduction in the average cost of financing, and thus contribute to maximizing the value of the facility and facing crises caused by abnormal conditions, study recommended benefiting from the financial accounting models for cash management in practice, as it showed a difference in the return from what was shown in the usual financial statements, and as evidenced by its analysis on the practical side.

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