About Us

International Journal of Transformations in Business Management (IJTBM) is a journal with a long-cherished dream of establishing a reliable and committed research platform for the budding researchers and scholars in order to reap the fruits of quality research work. This was materialized due to the excellent contribution and association of all the good authors.

IJTBM encompasses a wide array of articles and research papers that have been contributed with a pious intent that the resource should be of some help for all the good researchers/academicians. IJTBM as journal, not only encourages the submission of articles and research papers, but also gives due consideration to detailed case studies, thesis, conference papers, abstracts, etc. for publication. Hence, authors get opportunities to showcase their research work in different dimensions. The journal plans to run the initiative in the most effective manner in the years to come. It also foresees the journal to be one of the best among the available journals in the market.

The people associated with the IJTBM are no less than great minds in their respective discipline. The journal is led by the editor-in-chief in close support and direction of editorial advisory board. The purpose is to enhance the quantity of research papers and articles without compromising with the quality. The journal also plans to launch its first special issue in the near future.

Hence, we can say that International Journal of Transformations in Business Management (IJTBM) is all agog to serve the different sections of society with its noble mission to spread knowledge through encouraging, motivating and inviting good authors to showcase their high-standard research work.

Advantages of IJTBM

  • » IJTBM is an Open-Access peer reviewed International Journal
  • » Exhaustive list of executive board members who were invited from all the Colleges, Universities and research organization
  • » Research scholar can download any article from the website for free of cost
  • » Research scholar can submit the manuscript online
  • » Simple steps for publication of research articles and review articles
  • » Authors can refer the statistics for each article downloaded
  • » IJTBM is Open access journal for high indexing and promotion of your published papers
  • » IJTBM promotes "Go Green" by providing e-publication of research paper
  • » Shares free Knowledge and promote "Research"
  • » For any query email us on :info@ijtbm.com