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Vol: 6, Issue: 3 2016

Page: 67-74

Violence Against the Elderly People

Radhika Kapur

There has been abuse and imposition of violent and criminal acts against the elderly people not only in India but all over the world. In all kinds of societies, whether they are wealthy, affluent or socio-economic backward societies, elderly individuals do experience some or the other kinds of abuses and violent acts. These may assume a major form or a minor form; there have been different forms of abuses, physical, sexual, psychological, financial, neglect, or self-neglect. Some of the abuses may be extremely harmful and detrimental upon the elderly individuals, whereas some may be minor and may not inflict dire consequences. For instance, when an elderly individual is physically assaulted then this may impose dire consequences upon his health, mindset and overall existence; he may require medical treatment and becomes extremely defenseless and vulnerable. On the other hand, if an elderly individual suffers economic loss of a small amount of money which has been taken by a family member without informing him, he may feel disturbed but his disappointment may not assume a major form, this is termed as financial abuse of the elderly. The main purpose of this research paper is to look into the violent acts against the elderly individuals; the main areas that have been underscored are different forms of abuse, rates of crime against the elderly individuals, variables related to the violence against the elderly people, risk factors associated with elder abuse and violence, and the relationship between elder abuse and domestic violence. The older people who are unaware of their rights and when they are not provided with comprehensive, accurate and accessible information about the alternatives and the assistances that are available to them get more subjected to abuse and mistreatment; taking assistance and help from the organizations and other helpful and caring individuals may solve the problems of the elderly individuals so that they can make their living serene and peaceful.

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